Da Brad once won a half-naked woman over former Alan Iverson

Da Brad once won a half-naked woman over former Alan Iverson

Appearing on Candy Purse’s ‘Speak on It’, the 46-year-old rapist also opens up that her 3-year imprisonment ‘shocked’ her and went ‘depressed’.

Yes brother In a new episode he opens up about various things during his appearance Gandhi Purse’s “Speak on It”. The rapper is honest because he remembers the time he was in prison and the time he dated the NBA star Alan Iverson.

During the episode, the 46-year-old rapper revealed that Allen had “excessive h ** s”, which was enough for her. “He had a baby uncle, some kids, he had a lot of things going on. It lasted a good time. My grandmother both loved him … it didn’t work out,” he told Gandhi.

“He had a lot of p **** s. I think the last time we sat in the hotel was on the straw. He was walking down this half-naked p **** hallway. Fell down.I said, ‘You know what, I said I can’t do this.’ I said, ‘I can not do this with you.’

“I faded, stopped answering calls, it came out. But I heard, he f *** ing dis b *** h, dat b *** h. B **** es I know, b **** es I was cold.I said, “No. I’m done, ” he concluded.

Da Brad shared that his prison “shocked” him and went “depressed.” The hip-hop star, who faces up to three years in prison after pleading guilty to aggravated assault charges, explained that “it’s a lot of fun to want to settle down and feel like P *** h Yu.” You’re in jail, you’re not in the county jail. You haven’t been out for a long time. ”

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Regarding his decision to come out, Da Brad confirmed his love affair with girlfriend Jessica DuPort, “I was just like you know what it is. I’m happy, I do not care, I love this girl. She completes me, she makes me happy, I have never felt this before. She makes me feel like – yes in hell I want people to know. ”

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