The OnePlus 8D was soon teased by RTJ and the release date was leaked

The OnePlus 8D was soon teased by RTJ and the release date was leaked

The smartphone market has been a bit hectic this year in both good and bad ways. New types of devices have emerged, from folding to rotating screens, while the COVID-19 epidemic has disrupted schedules and business plans. Even OnePlus seems to have decided to release the new line of mid-range phones while going beyond its strategy and sticking with its premium guns. The latter will be represented by the upcoming OnePlus 8T, which the company has confirmed will be coming soon.

Who could tease this upcoming release better than former HTC advertiser Robert Downey, Jr., Tony Stark or Iron Man? The very short 10-second clip tries to sell the idea that you need a phone that moves faster than life. Of course, the OnePlus 8D, which is also said to be coming soon, is exactly that phone.

Sure, no date was offered, but MySmart Price and Ishan Agarwal were very happy Fill in the blanks. It’s still unofficial, but October 14 in particular seems plausible considering how OnePlus and its partners are already promoting marketing.

No more keeping the name a secret, a landing page for the OnePlus OnePlus 8T Call to register Opportunity to receive notifications and OnePlus 8D voucher. Amazon India is a similar one Pre-release promotion, This time via quiz.

With less than a month left, there is not much about the leaked OnePlus 8D so far, but it may be because there is not much leaked anyway. This phone is expected to feature high-end specs including the Snapdragon 865 (not a plus) and a 120Hz display, which is rare to date for smartphones. One big question is whether the OnePlus 8D Pro will still give those details, and the answer seems to be skewed in the negative.

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