The 2020 Emmy audience tried to get to the back after Jimmy Kimmel dropped a Zoom ID

The 2020 Emmy audience tried to get to the back after Jimmy Kimmel dropped a Zoom ID

Completing the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards, host Jimmy Kimmel dropped Zoom ID for the audience.

As the credits played out, Kimmel read Zoom ID 4599567155 and invited guests to a post-ceremony celebration.

This caused a stir among the audience who frantically tried to log in and record the numbers quickly.

With all Emmys’ post-party parties canceled due to the Corona virus, some believed that Zoom ID was an Easter egg that would fall into a virtual post-party.


Some were able to crack the password needed to go into the call, although most of those who did so spoke out about it.


But the number of people who can enter the call at the same time is 100 people cap, even most of those who guessed that the password was missed.


Meanwhile, for those who logged in with a broken password, here’s how it was.



The call did not appear to contain any Emmys stars, nor was any reference officially arranged by the Television Academy.

So, what is the password to go inside?

We do not know for sure.

There may have been a clue to a strange signature of Kimmel at the end of the ceremony.

“Be safe. Please vote. Baba Pooh” Kimmel said before running around the empty studio room.

Some of the suspects may have been the password for “Baba-Pui”.


Baba Pooi is the nickname of American radio producer Gary Del’Abdit, who works at The Howard Stern Show. It eventually evolved into the show’s catchphrase.

We do not know why Kimmel ended up airing the Prime Time Emmys.

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