Samsung’s Exynos 1000 may be faster than Snapdragon 875


iOS Never Again, 4 hours agoThe mobile segment is one of the fastest growing industries in the technology segment. Haters … moreThink of anyone with a sense of reality, logic would not argue with that. In contrast, the mobile gaming console and / or PC has the biggest revenue against data or statistics. So more and more sellers are pushing mobile phones towards gaming.

Mobile gaming has easy access in terms of availability and low technology, with the result that most people consider the console for dedicated gaming and PC more accessible and more affordable below the curve. However, it does not need to be translated into better, faster performance or advanced hardware. The nature of the touch screen is really bad input vs controller (console) or keyboard / mouse (PC).

So broadly, of course mobile has a definite edge. For the whole experience, the competition goes back to the experts, with the PC console.


iOS Never Again, 4 hours agoThis guy usually hates gaming on phones and gaming phones. No sense in telling you now – I don’t wanna ruin the supriseIn fact. I stopped trying to explain because it was all in vain


Anonymous, 4 hours agoThe future is actually mobile gaming, running consoles, but gaming phones are definitely gee … and moreThe mobile segment is one of the fastest growing industries in the technology segment.
Those who hate gaming phones will hate it when faced with the facts.


Lord, 17 hours agoI think the “benefits are small” is not your mobile gamer, or more …This guy usually hates gaming on phones and gaming phones.
No sense in arguing with him. He has been owning every book lately.


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M3S4, 4 hours agoExcellent gaming experience is not related to the popularity of the FBS game or its market share … moreThe future will actually be mobile gaming, running consoles, but gaming phones will definitely become more popular. All those who say that mobile graphics suck or gaming phones are meaningless ignore the fact that gaming phones are such a feature, people like it, gaming and gaming phones offer other benefits while traveling. Let them say what they want, and time will tell who is right


MagicMankibai, 20 September 2020Dude … Depending on the clock speed … Exynos may be 3ghz and Qualcomm … No … MoreVery true, but let me mention that your gaming phones rule everything


Morsell, 19 September 2020Gaming phones make me feel silly. That means I don’t take the choice of others. They like w … moreExcellent gaming experience is not related to the popularity of the FBS game or its market share. While there is no alternative to mobile consoles or PC gaming, data from around the world shows that the future is mobile gaming.

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Anyway I’m a PC gamer, which makes me “lazy” as I get older. I like to play pub or puzzle game in my bed from time to time.


I, 10 hours agoThat’s youWhat is this I?


Nodal to mesh, 13 hours agoIf you’ve talking about gaming phones, the iPod Pro is also about quality and game play … and not compatibleI agree with you. But like I said, it doesn’t offer the best PC gaming. In the meantime Nubia Mobile can provide you with the best smartphone gaming experience
But I agree that computers are very valuable


MagicMankibai, 20 September 2020My Red Magic is the best. Gaming phones fate period. Much better experience than my OnePlus … more” Gaming phones are the rule period. ” ‘
Again, we will try to prove you wrong. Please leave this time as a form of respect. Like a normal human being.

Now … starting with the design: for me, for you, for many it is a cool design. You can lighten it up for your friends and stay cool with it, I agree anyway.
But what about 10% of Europeans with some office work? Do you have an appointment to attend? What, do you think they will not be ashamed in front of others because they have a flashing LED light on the back of their phones? Or the overall design? Unlike you and me, I believe both of us are not over 23 (I am 22 years old), they are grown men (because women would not buy these). This grown man will be ashamed to show this to the women around the table and they will forget the plans they are going to make rather than mentioning them on the calendar.
Now on the software / hardware page.
Software, hmm what a beautiful place.
There are many bugs in my PS2 and I can’t list them here. Yes it is a budget phone, it is c *** e, you can easily ignore all these. What if you want a more premium experience? It calls a Samsung. Now to the bs2 update area. Well, I still have it on Android 9. Why? Because, if I dare to update it to Android 10, my mic will stop working and my battery will last half as long. What software is on this gaming phone.
It’s not just the black shark. Nubia has translation problems. Doesn’t that kind of thing rule it now? Don’t tell me your Nubia has no other problem, I won’t believe it. The Asus Rogue is more or less the real perfect device, I agree. But only if your bank account is larger than the giraffe’s neck. Most likely not if you have a Nubia.
Gaming? Come on don’t give it to me. Yes, you have extra options and settings for games, but is it worth it to fight all of the above? No it doesn’t. Did you say something about the high benchmarks … Do you even see the difference between an S20 Ultra and a Nubia? No you don’t, because they can both play in the pub.
A 500 euro phone controls the pub and code more often than a 2000 euro gaming computer? Do you expect to believe that playing in the pub all day is better than grave raider, distant cry, GTA etc? Don’t start me on portability, as you said this is your ‘mini computer’. You can get a gaming laptop for 2000 euros for portability, which can do a fair share of gaming …
Seriously man, gaming phones are not the best. Maybe for you, maybe for me, but not for everyone

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I am12614

But the same power management? Is it temperature capable? There are a lot of factors as to why to put two different chips in the same model. Sikh Samsung.


Morsell, 19 September 2020You compare it the wrong way again. The SD 855 is definitely more efficient than the Exynos 79 … and moreDon’t understand ??? 3100mah exynos 7904 lasts longer than 4000mah sd 855. This 7904 is less efficient. Also sd855, which is very efficient, has a 7nm build process (or whatever, 12 or 10) and what else is there to protect the battery
I do not get what you understand, in personal experience, proved that the 7904 is much more efficient than the ST855. And they must have been equal because there was a small distance between the 855 transistors, and a very large battery


Chondrix, 20 September 2020Because high temperature kills the battery, looking at the spade on a smartphone is near the battery … MoreYou are right, I can not agree. Unlike everyone here, you understand, you taught me something, thank you


Morsell, 19 September 2020What is the price of a gaming phone? $ 800 for Asus? $ 800 PC gives the best results. An iqoo (not here in Romania, since we don’t have it) can cost up to 350 euros. For 350 euros, if you do not buy a second hand computer that you do not like, it is not good for gaming. All you can do is play some Vega 8 graphics and GTA 5. Which is fine, but take what you want from what I say. I told him he was constantly talking about being the best all-rounders on gaming phones.

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Morsell, 19 September 2020Read the comment again and check how it feels. Of course it feels like you are giving more … moreOh please stop. This is the last time I will try to explain to you
There is no such thing as a normal temp !!! Every CPU brand, whether it is a computer or a smartphone, has its own default temps. I gave an example of a desktop CPU comparison, but I made no comparison between phones and desktop. And the GTX 1070? Are we going to gpu temps now?
No we don’t.
Each brand has its own safe temps. To give this example again, AMD is already ready to burn at 70 degrees, while an Intel 85 is no problem
May be with Snapdragon and Exynos. Period
If you keep talking about other things, I would consider you a trawler, a comment bumper or a st *** t. I praised you the next day for being one of the few good people here, but it looks like something happened to you on this day


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After returning my note 20 Ultra Exynos, I can tell you that speed is very low in my worries.
The device was so hot — I thought it exploded.
Battery drain not specified.
The problem with the Exynos version of the phones provided by Samsung Cap 0 is a major health hazard and very dangerous.
I would never have a phone with an Exynos chipset.


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Eusera, 9 p.m.Why does everyone hate comments? This may be wrong, but if it’s true, it’s … moreBut the technical man


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talha5007, 9 hours agoI look forward to it. Exynos is the only chance to surpass Snapdra … and moreExciting to watch: AMD / ATI vs the formal mobile division of today’s AMD Group in the mobile market effort.


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Asphalt-Nation, 9 p.m.Inferior Exynos for many years, finally justice? That means Exynos customers are paying … and moreThere will only be time until it is released to the public .. However beware of Samsung trolls, it will not admit anything, but will always be superior …

Despite the key guidance my concerns are still:
1. There is no lead point if the battery performance is behind the average of 15%
1. No point of lead if the temperature is above 5 degrees Celsius.


yaga, 9 hours agoexynos is powered by an amd gpu, which is almost twice as efficient as the leak … MoreI look forward to it.
Exynos is the only chance to surpass Snapdragon performance.

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