James Bond: Rumor has it that 8 actors from Daniel Craig to Tom Hardy to Idris Elba will be in charge

James Bond: Rumor has it that 8 actors from Daniel Craig to Tom Hardy to Idris Elba will be in charge

Speculation has been rife as to who will turn Daniel Craig into 007 since 2015, when he jokingly said he would “cut his wrist” over another Bond movie.

The release date of the 25th Bond film and Craig’s final journey as a spy, No time to die, Always going closer, here is a list of actors to replace him based on the latest racing odds.

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy(Chris Jackson / Getty Images)

The 43-year-old is known for his roles Poison And Revenant, Previously talked about Bond rumors Daily Beast, Says: “If I mention it, it’s gone. You know there is a proverb between us in the acting fraternity and in the fellowship of my teammates, and if you talk about it, you automatically get out of the race. So I can’t comment on that. “

James Norton(Rex Features)

‘S 35-year-old star War & Peace And McMafia Said recently The Independent If playing Bond is about sacrificing characters in indie films, “swallowing me is the hardest thing”.

Sam Hugan(Rex Features)

The Foreigner The star has previously said that he would like to bring the band back to Scotland for the first time since Sean Connery was 007. “It will definitely be a dream come true and a Scottish panda,” the 40-year-old said. Not wanting to see another Scottish band! ”

Tom Hiddleston(Getty Images)
Richard Madden(Rex Features)

34 years old Bodyguard And Game of Thrones The star said earlier GQ: “I’m happier than mentioned because people have to consider putting me in that role. I am so flattered and thankful. This is the most brilliant thing. “

Jack Lawton(Rex Features)

30 years old Dunkirk The cast was chosen for Bond, but Craig said he did not want to leave the role. “I’m a big Daniel Craig fan and I don’t think he should ever stop doing that,” Lawton said. G.P.. “Dealing with age is a great idea. I think we should go all the way up to Daniel’s 85.”

Michael Passper(Rex Features)

The 43-year-old passerby is very fond of playing 007, he rejected himself because he thought a younger actor or a woman should accept this role. When asked in an interview GQ When the press came to his part, he said: “To be honest, no.”

Idris Elba(Rex Features)

Luther Star Elba, 48, has long been a substitute for Daniel Craig, although he has tried to block rumors, Event: “Bond is one of the biggest owners in the world, and for that reason, whoever finishes playing it, lives it. You know that character, that character for many, many years. I am now creating characters who can still live with Idris. They are not the ones who capture me and define me. ”

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