It’s time for Google to take streaming seriously with its new Chromecast

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Google’s upcoming Hardware announcements on September 30th, You will mention a new Chromecast that is in line with expectations Pixel5, Pixel 4A5G, And the new smart speaker. Reports We are watching the Android TV-Chrome cost-hybrid device.

With Android TV and voice assistant capabilities of course, Google has key players in its footage like Rogue and Fire TV. However, it takes more than that to stand out from the crowd. It’s time to dump her and move on.

Mixing Chromecast and Android TV

Google Android TV Streamer 3

Chromecast is loved worldwide. Android TV? Not too much.

The upcoming Google streaming device is said to connect the two, signaling a change in the direction of the company’s streaming efforts. We would not be surprised if Google TV replaces the Android TV moniker, which not only renames, but also marks a new approach to the way Google imagines its main media streaming platform.

Despite the remarkable strengths, Android TV is still one of the big Gs Forgotten projects. The company has often left it in the hands of OEMs in the absence of its own primary products. As a result, there is no focus or investment needed to transform the platform into an industry leader. Whatever the Google TV, or platform, it has to change if it is to compete with Roku and Amazon.

Google has left Android TV largely in the hands of OEMs. That is about to change.

Year, The largest player in the streaming platform space, offers a wide range of streaming services and applications. The UI may not be as sleek, but it has a reputation for being a “fair work” that attracts consumers. Google supports all major streaming services, but Rogue keeps its nose up when it comes to full content size and support for smaller services.

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Google has the ability to create great products, but lacks its commitment to creating better ecosystems. Permanent recession. See issues with Android app updates for Chromebooks or current wearability. Paying Google’s streaming effort at the industry level requires regular updates, new content partners and improved application experiences. I do not shy away from hoping that things will get better if Android TV and Chromecast combine, but there is one example that Google can follow to achieve some success.

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Inspirational Nvidia

2019 Nvidia Shield TV Remote and Application

Google did not go to an unknown area here. There is already a standard streaming device to stay on the market The Nvidia Shield TV.

Nvidia’s beloved Android TV box does everything right. It has a good library of streaming services, supports advanced media codecs, built-in Chromecast support, plays Android games, hosts a complete Flex server in hardware transcoding, and can stream console-quality games from an Nvidia. Running PC or by Now GeForce Cloud gaming site.

The original Nvidia Shield TV is also a prime example of long-term device support that Google aims to follow. Despite being five years old, Nvidia released its 25th update for streaming device in August 2020. It added AI-enhanced 4K enhancement, frame-rate matching and the latest security link.

The most affordable Nvidia shield would be a strong option for getting Rogue. But that’s just the beginning.

It is true that a lot of features of Nvidia are more important than your regular home streamer needs. As a result the high price tag for these extra features and source power prevents it from being a rogue or fire stick competitor. But Google can certainly provide the appropriate middle ground and launch the first true flagship Android TV box from a top brand.

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Make Android TV streaming for people

Stock photo of all streaming services1

Content streaming is big business, but Google has so far only been a small player. Chromecasts are great, but access to the more powerful Android TV platform is significantly lower due to its price. The aforementioned Nvidia Shield TV 9 starts at 149.99 and Android TVs tend to occupy among the premium layers of the market. In the meantime 4K Rogue Premiere The costs are just that. 39.99.

Google has no direct cast non-competitor, but this may change with the upcoming Google streaming device, which is set to minimize this barrier to entry.

But there is more to a successful streaming site than price. Roku and Amazon have built a loyal audience with excellent class features, ease of use and ever-evolving content partnership. Google’s site needs the same care and attention. Get that franchise, and the big G can make the most of its own services.

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As we have touched before, A Google service bundle Stadia, Will create mandatory and comprehensive bundles with YouTube Premium, Play Pass and Google One storage – something that can be picked up on the new Apple One and other streaming packages. This, coupled with the renamed, restored approach to streaming hardware, could bring immediate success.

Although we do not have an all-in-one package, you can still expect Google to push hard for its services with this upcoming streaming device. However, we certainly do not want the upcoming Google streaming device to be used to access various subscription services.

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The Android TV operating system has been on the edge of Google’s ecosystem for years. Now it has to become an important part. The possibilities are there, but it’s time for Google to intensify.

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