Ed Poon’s second ‘real clue’ to Mortal Combat 11 was to do something with Nightmare in the 1984 Elm Street trailer, but it’s not Freddie Krueger

Ed Poon's second 'real clue' to Mortal Combat 11 was to do something with Nightmare in the 1984 Elm Street trailer, but it's not Freddie Krueger

Earlier today, we reported that Ed Boone is dropping the first real clue as to what is coming to Mortal Combat 11. “The Queen gives you your first clue as to what’s happening to MK11.” Open your eyes … look up at the sky. ”

In Ed Poon’s latest tweet, He dropped the next second “Clue” in Mortal Combat 11. ‚ÄúSecond Clue is this movie trailer, but I can tell you that this is not Freddie Krueger.

“Second Clue is this movie trailer, but I can tell you it’s not Freddie Krueger. # MortalKombat11 #ActualKlue # 2.” – Ed Boone

There is a link in the tweet 1984 Nightmare in the Elm Street Trailer On YouTube (an R rated movie). If Boone does not explicitly confirm Freddie Krueger, one might assume that the character will finally return to the death combat series.

Freddie Krueger first appeared as the final DLC character in Mortal Combat 9. The horror movie icon ended up being the first guest character to appear in one of the fight games at Nether Reel Studios, excluding Gratos from the God of War series, when it debuted on the PlayStation 3 edition.

Since then, other horror movie icons such as Jason Voorhees, Alien, Predator and Leatherface have emerged as a direct result of Freddie Kruger’s success in the Mortal Gombat series. However, Freddie Krueger has not reappeared as a death combat title since his debut on Mortal Combat 9.

It has been reported that Ed Boone’s use of a horror movie trailer is a direct reference to another horror movie icon. An opportunity for the Evil Dead and Ash Williams of the Army of Darkness.

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During the 1984 movie Nightmare on Elm Street, the protagonist is seen watching Evil Dead. Of course, it should be noted that this particular display does not appear during the attached trailer.

At one point in the trailer, a woman is lifted into the air before being pulled across the ceiling. Considering Ermac’s tendency to elevate enemies with his telekinetic skills, this may be a specialty for Ermac’s inclusion.

Similarly, rain has the ability to thank its mind-controlled orb (later renamed the water bubble). If there were any notes made in the rain for the Mortal Combat 11, it would be more appropriate to mention the purple rain, but that too may be a little obvious.

Following the release of the Mortal Combat 11: Aftermath version, Ed Boone posted a comment on Twitter explaining that Netherreal Studios was “not even close” to doing anything with the Mortal Combat 11.

Late last month, a data miner’s claim backed by Boone’s announcement that at least eight character spaces had not yet been filled. This indicates the presence of “Combat Pack 3”.

Considering that Poon has openly confirmed that good news is coming in September, many fans are expecting big revelations for Mortal Combat 11 later this month.

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