SD Lander sends a skin care serum into space

SD Lander sends a skin care serum into space

GPS or weather satellite orbits the earth

As a company, SD Lauder has done a lot in the beauty industry over the last few decades, but the brand has not launched one of its own products into space – until now. The company announced on September 18 that it was shipping one of its star products Advanced night repair synchronized multi-recovery complex – At the end of the month in space.

According to a report, the serum will be photographed and filmed at the International Space Station for SD Lauder and then used for advertising purposes on its social media pages. “We are pleased to be re-strengthening our leadership as the first beauty brand to go into space,” said Stephen de la Foveri, global brand head of SD Lauder. “NASA is at the forefront of space research, and as a leader in skin care innovations, SD Lauder is proud to support the incredible work that NASA is doing to improve the space economy.

The message is as follows NASA’s 2019 Pledge opens its space station Allow brands to be used for business and marketing purposes.

“NASA is opening the International Space Station to business as part of the agency’s efforts to implement a low – Earth orbit economy,” said Bill McLister, NASA’s Director of Business Space Travel. “Such deals directly support NASA’s broad strategy to commercialize low Earth orbit by American companies by demonstrating new markets using the unique environment of space.”

Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex is a serum for sale that uses hyaluronic acid to lock moisture into the skin for 72 hours and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It was introduced as the first beauty device containing hyaluronic acid in the 1980s, but has undergone continuous improvements over the years as skin care technology has evolved.

Serum is set to launch on September 29 and arrive at the space station on Oct. 3.

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