TIMSS 2019 Evaluation Report from TEDMEM

TIMSS 2019 Evaluation Report from TEDMEM

In Turkey, the mathematical and scientific achievements of the differences in achievements continue to actively progress overall in the field of geography. The region with the most successful students at both math and science levels is East Marmara, and those with the lowest average are students from the region of southeastern Anatolia. The achievement difference between the students in these two regions is most evident in the 4th grade.

I think Turkey’s performance was produced in the TIMSS 2019 Evaluation and Recommendations Report of the Dead Organization of the Turkish Education Association.

In the report, the DMSS 2019 findings are analyzed based on Turkey, Turkey’s performance in mathematics and science, mastery at various levels, success in learning fields and cognitive level compared to the international average.

Variables related to learning outcomes explored in the report, the home-family environment that supports learning, the economic situation of students ‘families, school resources, school discipline and safety, teachers’ professional experiences, professional development processes, job satisfaction, duration, subject matter, and issues in the teaching and learning process ., Students’ attitudes toward lessons and student success.

The findings and recommendations in the report are as follows:

– The ratio of students graduating in mathematics and science is higher than the international average in Turkey. However, the proportion of students who do not even reach the lowest level is higher than the international average. Mathematical achievement during the middle school years has been declining and the under-student ratio in Turkey is rising.

– The proportion of students who like math in Turkey is higher than the international average, but 8th grade and 4th grade math is significantly lower when the bride is found in the most loving student ratio. While the proportion of students who prefer math in the fourth grade is 66 percent, this ratio drops to 29 percent in the 8th grade.

Similarly, the proportion of students who are very confident in their classes drops from 4th grade (34 percent) to 8th grade (15 percent).

Negative change

– Mathematical achievement of students in 8th grade, especially in Turkey, varies considerably according to the level of their confidence in the students. The record difference between 8th grade students who are not very confident and self-confident in mathematics is 147 points. This situation indicates a negative change in students’ attitudes towards the subject, especially when it comes to 4th to 8th grade in the math subject. Exploring the reasons for this change, excluding students from math, and exploring the processes that affect learning is important in terms of math achievement during middle school.

– TIMSS 2019 data show that the proportion of teachers participating in professional development activities in Turkey is lower than the international average. Unlike the professional development needs of general teachers in yüksektirtürkiye above the international average in this direction, if you know the extent of student achievements in the 8th grade, it is not higher than the achievements in the field of rationality.

Regulatory issue

Turkey faces high moral problems at intermediate and advanced levels among 4th grade students.

– Student exposure to bullying is a barrier to creating a positive school environment.

– Concern for Academic Achievement Quality The achievement of students in Turkey is increasing.

– The proportion of students affected by distribution barriers in schools in Turkey is higher than the international average.

– The amount of home learning resources is a variable with the largest difference in terms of student achievement in Turkey.

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