Corona virus: School students and parents may be among priority groups for COVID-19 tests: Cabinet Minister | political news

Corona virus: School students and parents may be among priority groups for COVID-19 tests: Cabinet Minister |  political news

After hospitals and care homes – school children and their parents may be given priority for corona virus testing – a cabinet minister told Sky News that the government is dealing with “real challenges” in the system.

The government is under increasing pressure due to unavailability COVID-19 Tests in some areas – blamed on issues related to laboratory efficiency – and admitted it could take a while “Matter of Weeks” Solve problems.

Direct corona virus updates from the UK and around the world

COVID-19 test ‘tries to fix’

MPs have been informed of it Corona virus Tests need to be prioritized now, while the government has indicated it will further evaluate trials in the future.

Speaking to Sky News presenter Kay Burley on Wednesday, Justice Secretary Robert Buckland stressed that it was “right to do so” to prioritize testing for certain groups.

Anyone who is currently showing signs of corona virus can get the NHS test, as well as those who have been asked to be tested by a hospital or local council.

Mr Buckland said: “Notice [Health Secretary] Matt Hancock was right to make a priority thing yesterday – he’s going to create it very quickly in the next few days, explaining to us what it will be like. “

Mr Hancock told MPs on Tuesday that hospitals and care homes would be given priority for the Covid 19 tests.

Mr Buckland advised school students and their parents to stay close to the test.

“It has to be the NHS first, then social security, and then we know that all we have to do is have a hierarchical system where our priority should be,” he said.

“For me, our priority is to be the children in the school and their parents, to ensure that their lives are safe and, importantly, that they are not harmed in the way we see them.”

Mr Buckland stressed that the government had “accepted the scale of the challenge” in testing ahead of the second wave of corona virus outbreaks this winter, as he pointed out that the number of testing centers would be increased from 400 to 500.

“We’re increasing testing centers, we’ve increased laboratory capacity – new labs are coming into the stream so we can get a quick turnaround,” he said.

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“At all times, the Prime Minister and we were all completely focused on the dangers of the second wave.

“We saw what was happening in France.

“We are doing this in a way that is understandable through the fall – if we are to get the balance between getting the economy back on track and getting our kids back to school – now we all have a special responsibility to follow those guidelines and do whatever it takes to beat this virus.”

No. 10 has confirmed that new priority details of the corona virus test will be released this week.

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