The "lost" Scott Pilgrim game finally gets a reissue

The “lost” Scott Pilgrim game finally gets a reissue

One of the immediate obvious consequences Switching to digital distribution is one of the primary ways people get it Video games are what suddenly “lose” a game, in a curatorial sense. In previous generations, a cartridge or disk for a specific little-known topic Rarely, but it still exists in the physics world, with some lucky bargain hunter ready to stumble upon it. But if a game is only available through download then the option to download after the game will be taken away – its The balance is just as fragile as two consoles At any moment it continues.

The most famous example of this type of digitally induced deficiency is, of course, Hideo Kojima Silent Hill Advertising B.D., Which is now Is With the growing number of PlayStation 4s (and in the minds of everyone who has played it, where The myth of horror intelligence Only growing). But there is a small, but still vocal group that has been asking a similar question for the past 6 years: where the hell Scott Pilgrim Sports?

Designed to connect with Film adaptation of Edgar Wright Of Brian Lee O’Malley’s favorite graphic novels, Scott Pilgrim Vs. World: Sports Translated O’Malley’s metaphorical video game concepts’S books directly a River City RansomSending Scott and Ramona fighting on the average streets of Toronto. Well respected at the time, the game was especially notified for its aesthetic touches, Pixel art genius Paul Robertson’s art and chipdun favorites Ana’s soundtrackWhereStick. And, as B.D., It has gained a certain prestige status due to scarcity in the intervening years, As always Because it was pulled from the PlayStation 3 and XPBull 360 Digital Storefriends in late 2014. It turned out to be as frustrating as both O’Malley and Wright had recently had The publisher pleaded with Ubisoft on Twitter Bring the game back to its (and film’s) 10th anniversary.

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Here, here: The Scott Pilgrim The game has finally returned. One can only hope that it will divert attention from some Others These are the things that have been screaming lately-Including widespread allegations of neglected abuse within the company’s ranksB revealed that Ubisoft will be releasing it today Scott Pilgrim Vs. World: Game – The Complete Edition Later this year, Worship brings the classic to the shadows and on PS4, XPBull one, switch and PC. Can the game be played under all the expectations placed on it in the years when it is not available? Who can tell.

That soundtrack still kicks ass.

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