Before the kickoff, Patrick Mahomes and Deshan Watson take the lead in a joint demonstration where players are said to be ‘booze’.

Before the kickoff, Patrick Mahomes and Deshan Watson take the lead in a joint demonstration where players are said to be 'booze'.

The 2020 NFL season has officially begun, but the game certainly makes a different impression amid the COVID-19 epidemic. Arrowhead Stadium is not at full capacity Kansas City Chiefs Released their championship banner and the live version of the national anthem was not played inside the stadium. However, a pre-recorded version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” was read on the video board as soldiers staged several demonstrations during the national anthem, locking their arms in unison for a moment. The Houston Texans Not picking up the field during the anthem, he wanted to stay in the locker room.

Alex Okafor The two chiefs soldiers put their hands on his shoulders and, showing similarity, took one knee and raised his fist in the air. The NFL showed the anthem during the game broadcast and soon posted it on their social media account.

When the Texans landed on the field, the players on both teams stood in a 50-yard line and locked their weapons in unison. Andy Reid, Patrick Mahoms, Deshan Watson And J.J. Watt They were at the center of the front line wishing each other good luck before the match was played.

The public address announcer asked for a moment of silence, but some thought he might hear “booze” from the crowd.

“The moment of unity I personally thought was good,” Watt said Via James Palmer of the NFL Network. “I think it’s unfortunate to shout at that moment. I do not fully understand it. No flag is involved. There is nothing but two teams coming together to show unity.”

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Others, including Texans coach Bill O’Brien, say they didn’t hear that “booze”.

“To be honest, I didn’t hear that,” O’Brien said. Yahoo! In Terrace a. Sports. “I didn’t notice it … they might have yelled at us because we came on the field.”

There were Chiefs and Texans players Is said to be in negotiation Prior to a joint demonstration-related game, he issued a statement on racial injustice and showed solidarity with the 50-yard line before the kickoff. As the chiefs stayed on the field, the Texans went to the locker room and played “Lift a Voice and Sing” 45 minutes before the game.

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