Google's Fund helps creators make money by offering virtual encounters and greetings

Google’s Fund helps creators make money by offering virtual encounters and greetings

Google Below – A service that allows creators to offer paid, ticketed virtual meeting and greeting events – expands from a limited test to a Full-length product Anyone can use it from today.

Developed by Google’s Area 120 Incubator, Fundo (which is not the name of an adorable sliding-ear dog) was launched last summer in a limited beta for several hundred “trusted testers”. According to Variety. It is now available for anyone to use.

Fundo (not a new artificial cheese product) was originally a virtual photo booth-style service. Fans can wait in digital queues, briefly chat with celebrities or creators, and get “photos” with them as if meeting and greeting real life. Complete with video streaming, payment processing and hosting, the service offers creators an easy way to run these types of events, with Google reducing revenue by up to 20 percent.

The idea of ​​providing an easy way to deliver paid, ticketed online events to creators has become very valuable, thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, which has forced many events online. The company has seen an expansion of events that include workout classes, culinary exercises and workshops.

Fundo (not the comic relief character of the 80s sitcom) allows up to 30 users to be on screen at once, the goal of which is to have smaller digital seminars or smaller events with hundreds of participants. Everything is done directly through the Fundo (not the fun new kind of bread dough) website using a customized video chat system.

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In addition to the wide launch, users can now also search for events on the Fundo (not the knock-off brand of big head-gathering figures) website and purchase scheduled one-on-one encounters with the creators.

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