Is the new Motorola Race worth 35 thousand pesos?


It came a few days ago Mexico New Motorola Russ. This is the second generation of the icon Phone Clever with folding screen, Its 2020 version, now comes with many upgrades and connectivity capabilities 5G networks. In Technical bit We are already using it.

Price 34 thousand 999 pesos, Includes the new Motorola Racer Two screens, With a 21: 9 aspect ratio, is flexible and its size is 6.2 inches OLED, so its appearance is longer and the other is the outer touch panel, which is called Quick view, With a size of 2.2 inches.

Among the major improvements, as we said, is the quick view screen which has additional functions that can be viewed Announcements Respond to messages quickly or select music very easily and quickly. You can customize Applications Is shown on this screen and use some Video game Within her. That is, without opening the smartphone.

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Something that attracts a lot of attention Drums, From which 2 thousand 800 milliamps. Also, although it appears to be relatively low Phones 4 thousand, 5 thousand or more milliamps when used Russ If it achieves performance for a day’s use in a moderate way and sometimes seriously, without recharging.

Regarding its properties Hardware, Has this device 256 GB Ability Storage It works with a memory 8 GB RAM Qualcomm has the chipset Snapdragon 765 5G This, though not topped the range in terms of processors, if it is new Russ It works quickly, does not crash and applications are used optimally.

When talking about hardware, we highlight it Hinge This is new Russ Feels more Fluid, strong and precise. The folding and unfolding way is noticeable Flexible screens In these folding devices.

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Useful life of more than 5 years

By the time it launched earlier this month, delegates Motorola That said these devices are designed to be durable Open and close about 200 thousand times This equates to serious use Five years (Opens the device about 100 times a day).

However, according to company surveys, the average user of devices Russ He opens his cell phone 40 times a day. It can therefore extend its effective life by more than 10 years. Assume that your user does not change it Team Very modern before that time.

Another improvement is that, unlike the model offered a year ago E.g., This device works with these new standard “virtual” cards and, in addition, has room for normal body card types Nano SIM And can connect 5G cellular networks.

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However, Wireless networks In Mexico They are still coming Fourth generation, But is expected to be used in the coming months Antennas 5G, When it happens, the New Motorola Racer You can connect to these high speed networks already available in other countries like USA.

In connection with Cameras, The panel captures nice photos thanks to its main sensor 48 megapixels Quad pixel technology, automatic laser focus and video capture 4K Or UHD at 30 frames per second (fps). His 20 megapixel front camera Capture photos clearly, even in low light conditions.

Now another feature we liked Fingerprint sensor Located on the back of the device, it is embedded below the stylized “M” logo Motorola. This scanner is very efficient and does not take much time to use its location.


And, the characteristic of existing devices Motorola Recently launched, this Skills Works with Android 10 and includes customization software My UX For example, it helps to quickly activate the camera by shaking the cell phone (moto experiences) to customize themes and screen styles.

We hope so New Motorola Racer This is a very mature device. However, there are still details showing that some of the technologies it integrates are constantly being refined. Perhaps the most notable of these is the plastic coating Screen, In which, at first glance, you can see Rules This, according to Motorola Normal They do not affect the functionality of the device.

However, it is commendable that companies like Motorola take the risk of imagining what it is Smart phones In the near future. Integrating folding screens into them is not an easy task and they represent a step forward in creating the next generation Gadgets Clever.

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