Goldman Sachs announces return to work after Corona virus office closes | Goldman socks

Goldman Sachs goes back to work. The banking agency told employees Wednesday that it would begin allowing people back into its offices in the coming weeks, after closing most of them in March amid a corona virus outbreak.

In a note to staff, Goldman CEO David Solomon said plans to allow employees around the world to return to their offices will be announced soon. Employees return to some offices on a rotational basis and plans vary depending on local, business and personal circumstances.

“In the coming days and weeks, colleagues in those offices will hear about what to expect from their division, business and / or local leadership for the coming months, making it an opportunity to come to their office doing so with the goal of giving as much as possible to everyone, including team cycles in the office,” Solomon said.

“Importantly, this cyclical approach may not be the same for everyone because we each go to personal responsibilities – for example, planning around adjusted school schedules, managing personal and family health conditions and not being comfortable going to the office at peak times,” Solomon said.

J.P. Morgan announced similar plans Last month and plans to allow staff to rotate in the office and at home. But as banks take steps to return to a situation close to their pre-epidemic work arrangements, J.P. Morgan estimates that a quarter of its close t0 61,000 employees may still work from home.

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