Demetria Bunnister: A third-grade teacher died of the corona virus in South Carolina

Demetria pannister The virus was detected Died Friday and Monday. The 28-year-old taught for five years at Windsor Elementary School in CNN, a subsidiary of Columbia. WIS Report. August 31 began the third year of teaching third graders.

In addition to teaching, Bunnister was also interested in music and worked on various projects with school singers. He also ran a student club for interested singers.

“Mrs. Bunnister, also known as Windsor’s Sangford, brought great joy to our school by using her musical talents,” said Denise Quiggle, principal of Windsor Foundation.

At a school attendance event last year, he wrote a song for the song “Old Down Road” about the importance of missing classes, a popular song written by rapper Lil Nass X.

“The song and video were a huge hit in our school family,” Quigel said. “Ms. Bunnister loved her students and never missed an opportunity to advocate for students and public education.”

Demetria Bunnister, 28

He was at school on August 28th

The school was notified to the district He tested positive for the corona virus Friday. It followed procedures for disinfection, contact tracking and reporting close contacts.

The school district said the contact tracking and notification was based on his last date at elementary school on Aug. 28. He started the school year three days later.

“Although she will be leaving us very soon, Ms. Bunnister’s legacy lives on in the lives of students who taught during her five years as a dedicated educator,” said Baron R., Richland School District Two Superintendent. Davis said.

School district officials said his parents allowed him to share information to remind others of the dangers of the corona virus. Staff and students at Windsor Elementary School receive counseling services.

Since January, health officials have identified more than 6.3 million Covid 19 cases and nearly 191,000 deaths in the United States. South Carolina has more than 126,000 infections and more than 2,900 deaths.

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