The girl comes forward with new details

The girl comes forward with new details

The cold case of Carol Baskin’s first husband Dan Louise has been exaggerated in Tiger King documents, and although the big cat activist has retained his innocence in his murder case, a woman has come forward with new information.

In an interview on the new CBS limited series 48 hour suspicionAccording to Trish Bar-Payne, her ex-husband Kenny Barr, a former Baskin craftsman, may have played a role in Louis’ 1997 disappearance.

In an interview with For-Payne, he accused his ex of advising him not to talk about Louis after he disappeared in the late 90s.

“Dan is gone, you don’t want to talk about him,” Far-Payne accused of telling her shortly before she reported missing her ex-husband Louise.

Forw’s ex-wife accuses Handyman of bringing home a large freezer with a padlock that went missing at the same time as Louis’ disappearance.

“A week after Dan went missing” Bar said the mysterious freezer had disappeared from his home.

This is not the first time Far-Pay has shared his concerns. As stated in it Tampa Bay Times, In 2000, told authorities he believed Far was somehow involved.

According to the Florida store, Far-Payne said her then-husband stayed home from work, and that same weekend Louise went missing despite going to the zoo every day without fail.

He alleges he returned home for Louise’s van that Sunday night, which he says contained guns and ammunition. The next day, his ex came home in his own truck.

What’s more, Far-Payne accused her ex-husband of saying that once he left her, he would “grind like I did Don”.

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As Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness As viewers may know, Baskin’s revenge, Joseph Maldonado-Passage, accused the cat activist of using her husband’s meat grinder to kill him.

To date, Baskin has completely denied any involvement in the disappearance and death of her first husband, who even took her to the animal sanctuary’s website earlier this year with a lengthy statement to downplay the “lies”.

Far-Payne said she did not speak initially because she was “scared” of her children.

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