McCallon gets scores in the shootout

McCallon gets scores in the shootout

Robson hit his 10th Armor All-Pole at Scott McLaughlin’s 2020 Supercar Season in the top 10 shootout at the Civil Projects Downsville Supersprint.

Shell V-Power Racing Driver won the three-part session, topped all three categories and went fast on each occasion.

He fell 1: 12.3983 in Q1, 1: 12.2249 in Q2, and then 1: 12.0144 in the shootout, beating second-speed driver Shane van Kisbergan in 0.2160 seconds.

To put the environment in edge, the 0.3375s separated Van Gisbergen from David Reynolds, a slow runner in the shootout, Benride Racing.

Last week, McLaughlin qualified 16th and 13th for the opening two Downsville races, particularly battling under the brakes in Turn 2 and hitting the pole for the final.

“It’s a credit to the guys, they made a rocket ship this weekend, or at least an improvement. It’s bloody wonderful,” McLaughlin said, adding that there are now 71 industry poles.

“Honestly I stop at a depth of 20 meters [into Turn 2] Because I’ve got hope.

“Unfortunately we had a flip on the radar [last week] But credit to the team for jumping back. ”

Jamie Winkup was the second last driver to run in the shootout, but finished seventh in Turn 3 after a series of hairy moments, including a big rear lock.

“I lost the backside on two occasions and it was unfortunately the end of lap time,” he said. “We’ve got a little bit of hard work to do this afternoon.”

Separating the Red Bull Holden are Cameron Waters, Anton de Pascual, Sauce Mostert and Todd Hazlewood, six different teams represented in the top six.

Waters made the biggest improvement in the shootout, advancing from sixth in Q2 to third in Dickford’s Monster Energy Mustang.

Nick Berkot, Jack Le Brock and Reynolds fill in from the eighth to the 10th, maintaining their positions since the end of Q2.

Price will share the sixth row of the Fullwood and Fabian Coldheart phase, both of which were eliminated from the shootout field during Q2’s dying phases.

Fulwood finished 10th in the lap late, while De Pasquale entered the 10th right, while Cooldheart’s 12th came off a chance to advance.

“We tried to make one [setup] Change and time are up [to do a final run]Kiwi explained.

Others in Q2 were Dickford’s James Courtney, 14th, and Team 18 doubles Mark Winterbottom and Scott Pi on 16th and 17th.

Kelly Racing’s disappointment spread between Q1 and Q2 – Andre Heigardner started 15th and Rick Kelly 21st, the latter not out of Q1.

“Unfortunately this is a reflection of where we are,” said Kelly, the 2006 Supercars champion who lost track time with sticky speed in Exercise 1.

Others who were eliminated in Q1 were Jack Smith, Jack Kostecki and Chris Piter.

The three races over the weekend will take place from 3:40 pm local time.

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