The new World of Warcraft short film shows Troll’s dead mother in her new job

The new World of Warcraft short film shows Troll's dead mother in her new job

Second World of Warcraft: Post-Life Short An excerpt from the plane of the animated segments designed to tease the upcoming expansion was released on Thursday World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Series Screened with Boston on August 27th.

This short story is about Maltrox, the military ward of the big Shadowlands plane. Passing souls can be assigned there as part of its fighting force, where they must be dedicated, ready to serve, and trained to deliver the undead army with its strength. In cinema, we hear that if Maltroxus falls, the rest of the shadows go with it – it’s too bad, especially since The maximum security version of hell Guided by an evil jailer named Ma, he plots to capture the shadow lands.

The five houses of Maltroxus and the situation the players have to face are set by Draca’s eyes during this short story. Warcraft may have been familiar with the Officiandos Draca – the mother of Troll (former warship and world saving shaman) who died during the Orc Civil Wars, playing in the original Warcraft real-time strategy games. After dying and moving to Maltrox, she seems to have taken on respectable and rude skills.

Maltroxus is one of the four equilibrium zones within World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, The eighth extension of the game, which is currently being released On Oct. 27. Players will learn more about Draca and Maltrax, and will have the option to join the more powerful ones Necrolards Agreement For exclusive skills and cosmetics.

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