Boost Mobile will disable global roaming on October 13, 2020. Can I switch to Boost Optus or Vodafone / DPG?

Boost Mobile will disable global roaming on October 13, 2020.  Can I switch to Boost Optus or Vodafone / DPG?

Australian customers of BOOST Mobile received an SMS yesterday saying “International roaming will no longer be available from October 13”.

The full SMS says:

[Customer Name], We always strive to provide the simplest and best value products to our customers. We are making some changes behind the scenes, which means that international roaming will no longer be available from October 13th. But don’t worry, it will come back in the future. Also find your options at

Click via Link to the description on the BOOST website Reveals additional details including that global roaming will be disabled until an unspecified date in mid-2021.

Just a few months ago Boost Mobile has announced new advanced global roaming options So it looks very different that they will completely disable global roaming on short notice and it will not return for 9 months or more.

Presumably, this change may have been forced by Telstra, the Australian wholesaler of Boost Mobile. Another possible reason is that Boost Mobile pays Telstra a month / quarter to deliver global roaming to their customers and most Australians do not earn much from it as they cannot leave the country at any time.

Another possible reason is that Boost plans to leave Telstra and switch its customers to Optus or the new robust Vodafone / DPG network by the middle of next year.

Boost Mobile They have done this before Switched from Optus to Telstra As their total supplier in early 2013. This may explain their secret explanation. “We are making some changes behind the scenes and will be moving to a new site soon“.

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If you purchased a boost add-on for international roaming calls and texts, you can use it for roaming until midnight on October 12th. From October 13, the $ 5 and Add 15 add-ons will no longer have international roaming combinations.

If your recharge is no longer appropriate without international roaming, you can request Partial withdrawal by October 20th It will be sent by check.

If you have multiple banks that do not have an internet bank account or branch such as 86400, this check will be cash if you are not allowed to use AusPOST Bank. This is a hassle, but if you are in that situation, open an account with one of the banks that offers free account with AusPOST Bank like ME BANK and deposit the check that way.

If you are stuck abroad due to the Corona virus and use a Boost SIM, you will not be able to receive calls and messages from 13 October 2020 unless you purchase a local SIM or use WiFi to access messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. , Send Skype or Wechat messages or make calls.

What do you think about this change?

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