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Perseid meteors seen crossing the night sky above Kreva village in Belarus on Sunday night

Just one of the finest meteor showers of the 12 months will peak tonight, featuring stargazers in the northern hemisphere a opportunity to see dozens of really rapid and vivid meteors.

If you come across your self struggling to snooze tonight, look for consolation in the point you could catch a glimpse of the spectacular Perseid shower, particularly involving about 2am and dawn.

If skies are very clear it will be noticeable throughout considerably of the country from about midnight right up until 5.30am tomorrow, and even though the moon rises close to midnight far too – which will have an affect on the peak viewing window – there will be nevertheless be practically just one meteor each two minutes during that peak.

The 2013 Perseid shower seen over the Lovell radio telescope at Jodrell Bank at the University of Manchester
The meteor shower is between the very best of the year

Even however each individual meteor is largely no bigger than a grain of sand, they nonetheless make an eye-catching shooting stream of light in the sky as they burn up up on hitting the environment at about 36mph.

They are made each yr when the Earth ploughs as a result of dusty debris remaining guiding by the comet Swift-Tuttle, and can reach scorching temperatures of involving 1,648C (2,998.4F) and 5,537C (9,998.6F).

Royal Museums Greenwich (RMG) has compiled a tutorial for all those hoping to consider element in some stargazing, with the timing of the shower fantastic for kids who could be permitted to stay up late as it is during their summer season crack.

Some prime recommendations incorporate:

  • Keep your eyes off your cell phone – providing your eyes time to modify to the dark will help you capture a glimpse of some of the fainter meteors.
  • Do not count on binoculars – they will restrict the dimension of the sky that will be seen to you, as will telescopes.
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RMG describes the Perseid shower – named due to the fact the meteors seem to dart out of the Perseus constellation, just after the hero of Greek myths – as “only one of the most effective meteor showers of the calendar year”.

According to NASA, the Perseids are amongst the most abundant meteor showers that people can observe, with 50-100 meteors seen for every hour.

The Perseid meteor show occurs every August in the UK.
The meteor shower takes place just about every August in the United kingdom

They are also identified for their fireballs – larger sized explosions of light and colour that can persist lengthier than an ordinary meteor streak.

NASA clarifies: “This is because of to the fact that fireballs originate from much larger particles of cometary product.”

They are also brighter than even the brightest stars obvious in the northern hemisphere – and will give an awesome clearly show if you are up to see them.

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