Updates from around the world.

Updates from around the world.

A forecast published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. USA It now projects more than 127,000 coronavirus deaths in the United States by June 27.

The joint forecast is based on 20 individual forecasts from external institutions and researchers. The new projections, released Thursday, forecast 127,230 deaths by June 27, with a possible range of 118,450 to 143,340 deaths.

“This week’s overall national forecast suggests that the number of newly reported COVID-19 deaths per week will continue to decline. It predicts between 118,000 and 143,000 cumulative COVID-19 deaths by June 27, ”the CDC says on its website.

Unlike some individual models, the CDC’s joint forecast only provides projections for the coming month. The previous joint forecast, released last Thursday, projected some 123,200 deaths by June 20.

The projections are posted on CDC’s “COVID-19 Forecasts” page, but they also appear on the agency’s “COVID Data Tracker”. On both sites, users can also view aggregate forecasts at the state level.

“The forecasts as a whole indicate that the rate of recently reported deaths will vary between states,” says the CDC on its forecast page.

“In some states, the cumulative deaths will increase at roughly the same rate as in the past few weeks, while other states are likely to experience only a small number of additional deaths from COVID-19.”

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