She is COVID-19 Positive. The hardest

She is COVID-19 Positive. The hardest part: her little daughter cries until she falls asleep

Alifya Jhaveri, a resident of Mumbai, meets her daughter through a glass partition.

A Mumbai woman spoke about the struggle to stay away from her 17-month-old daughter after testing positive for the highly contagious coronavirus. “When the doctor told me I had Covid, my first question was, ‘What about my daughter?'” Alifya Jhaveri said to ‘Bombay Humans‘. Fortunately, her daughter was safe from illness, but the real fight for Ms. Jhaveri was to keep her at a distance while she was quarantined at her home.

“Since it was only showing mild symptoms, I had to quarantine it at home, which was the easy part,” he said. The “not so easy” part was staying away from your baby for two to four weeks.

Speaking to Humans of Bombay on day six of her quarantine, Jhaveri revealed that the only thing keeping her sane is the idea of ​​hugging her daughter soon. “Every day she goes to the bedroom window, keeps her little finger on the glass and waits for me to put mine away,” says patient COVID-19. “At that moment, every part of me longs to be with her, but I know I can’t.”

Ms. Jhaveri also spoke about the way her daughter has been dealing with her absence, saying that she cries for her at night. “My husband and sister-in-law are doing their best, but when he wakes up at 2 am to hug Mom and I’m not there, it breaks my heart.”

She concluded her interview by saying that now she spends her time locked in her house, cooking, cleaning and looking at her daughter through the window. “I’m waiting to squeeze her and put her to sleep every night … something I will never take for granted again.”

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The post has collected more than 13,000 likes and 600+ actions since it was shared tonight on Facebook, along with 46,000 other likes on Instagram.

“This situation is a nightmare for all mothers if they have young children,” wrote a Facebook user.

“God bless him with a speedy recovery so he can be his daughter again,” said another.

Last month, a doctor had opened up about the guilt he felt by exposing his family to COVID-19 in an interview with Humans of Bombay.

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