Entertainment Leaders Launch Covid-19 Production Guidelines

Entertainment Leaders Launch Covid-19 Production Guidelines

the agreement It occurs after an extended period of negotiation between various groups, including actors, directors, and teams, and is based on extensive testing, temperature controls, cleanup measures, and physical distancing when possible. The parties also acknowledge that revisions may be necessary in the future.

Certain activities, such as writing and casting, are still recommended to be carried out practically whenever possible. At the same time, other parts of the production, including live studio audiences, are discouraged with restrictions such as social distancing measures when used.

Actors and other artists, the report notes, are “more vulnerable because they cannot use PPE [personal protective equipment] when the cameras are rolling, and they often won’t be able to participate in the physical distancing. “That will require a higher testing frequency for themselves and those with whom they are in close contact.

There are some activities, such as makeup and fight scenes, where stronger safeguards are not possible, the report acknowledges.

The plan was produced by the Industry-wide Labor Management Safety Committee Working Group, which was formed specifically for that purpose, with input from epidemiologists and sanitation experts.

The guidelines have been sent to public health officials in New York and California. Film and television production is also taking place around the world, including Georgia, Canada and New Zealand, where work on upcoming “Avatar” films is slated to formally resume. after a period of quarantine for director James Cameron and other crew members.

Other aspects of the guidelines include the ability to respond appropriately to staff contracting the virus, educational programs, and a designated compliance officer on each production. Efforts will also be made to “assess the health / wellness of all personnel prior to entering the set.”

There are still questions about how virtually all of this will work and, significantly, how much it will cost. How Variety He noted that the initial draft of the report does not specifically address how the expense of “extensive testing, cleaning and security monitoring will be covered, and who will pay for it.”

The technical document specifies that personal protective equipment will be provided “to all actors and equipment at no cost.”

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Due to the uncertainty associated with Covid-19, U.S. networks have been working on contingency measures if production is significantly delayed. That includes purchasing programs that have already been produced for broadcast services or other countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada.

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