Delhi-Noida border will remain closed, 42% of COVID-19 cases traced to the capital

Delhi-Noida border will remain closed, 42% of COVID-19 cases traced to the capital

New Delhi:

The Delhi-Noida border will not be opened to the public amid the growing number of coronavirus cases linked to the national capital, the Uttar Pradesh city administration said in a statement a day after the center allowed intra-movement and interstate goods and people in its block 5 guidelines.

“The health department reported that of the total number of coronavirus cases detected in Noida in the last 20 days, 42 percent have links to Delhi. After a discussion with the health and police departments, it was decided that the status quo should stay on the Delhi-Noida Border, “the statement said.

The Noida administration, in its blocking guidelines5, also issued new rules for housing companies. Unlike before, if an individual tower reports coronavirus cases, the entire society will not be sealed.

“In multi-story buildings, only those towers that report coronavirus cases will be declared containment areas. If more than one tower reports coronavirus cases, all of them will be considered containment areas; all services such as a park, gym, swimming pool, banquet halls etc. will also be considered containment areas, “he said.

A separate electronic permit, approval or permit will not be required for the interstate or intrastate movement of people and goods, the center said Saturday, adding that if a state or Union territory decides to regulate the movement, it will have to publicize its decision by advanced.

The Uttar Pradesh government left the decision to open its borders with Delhi to the Ghaziabad and Noida administrations.

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