What is a containment zone? New announcements from the “Unlock1” Center

Movement in the containment zones will be monitored to ensure that no one leaves or visits

New Delhi:

Essential services and goods will only be allowed in the containment zones until at least June 30, the center said Saturday in its Lockdown guidelines5. His order allowed several activities in low-risk areas for coronavirus, including the opening of shopping malls, religious sites and restaurants starting June 8, but none for containment areas.

States will be able to mark their own containment zones based on the number of coronavirus cases, he said.

“The containment zones will be delimited by the district authorities after taking into account the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. In the containment zones, only essential activities will be allowed,” he added.
government notice read.

What is a containment zone?

The areas that the authorities report as high-risk areas, where the number of coronavirus cases is high, are called containment areas. Civic organizations decide which area qualifies to be included as a containment zone. The basic idea behind such a demarcation is to limit the virus in an enclosed space to prevent its spread in other areas.

What activities are allowed in a containment area?

Only essential services like groceries, medical supplies, water supply, etc. are allowed in the containment areas. Authorities prohibit movement within such areas; They also block entry and exit points so that infected people cannot transmit the virus. West Bengal’s capital Kolkata has more than 280 such areas; Delhi has 122, while Mumbai, the worst coronavirus-affected city, has more than 660 areas listed as containment zones.

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Movement in the containment zones will be monitored to ensure that no one leaves or visits except for medical emergencies and the provision of essential goods and services, the center said today in its guidelines, adding containment zones that will also see intense tracking of contacts, from house to house. home surveillance and other clinical interventions as needed.

Union states and territories have also been asked to identify buffer zones outside of containment zones. These refer to areas where the virus could spread. District authorities will decide the restrictions within the buffer zones, the interior ministry said.

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