Patient with Lung Cancer Receives Unprecedented Liver and Double-Lung Transplant in Chicago

Northwestern Surgeons Make Medical History with Simultaneous Lung-Liver Transplant

In a groundbreaking medical procedure, Northwestern surgeons successfully performed a simultaneous lung-liver transplant on a patient with advanced lung cancer. Dr. Gary Gibbon, a pulmonologist from California, underwent the historic surgery after being told there were no other treatment options available.

Gibbon learned about Northwestern Medicine’s DREAM program, a specialized treatment plan for patients with challenging medical conditions, and decided to travel to Chicago for the life-saving surgery. Within just 12 days of being placed on the transplant list, two lungs and a liver from a single donor became available for Gibbon.

Doctors noted that Gibbon was the sickest patient on the list, giving him top priority for the organs. The complex surgery, which involved removing cancerous cells from the chest cavity and airways, lasted for hours as the medical team worked tirelessly to save Gibbon’s life.

Utilizing a perfusion machine, the medical team was able to keep the donor liver alive for 17 hours during the intricate procedure. Six months after the surgery, Gibbon is not only cancer-free but also celebrating his 69th birthday as a newlywed.

The success of this unprecedented surgery serves as a testament to the importance of organ donor awareness and expresses deep gratitude to the donor’s family for the ultimate gift of life. Northwestern Medicine continues to lead the way in innovative medical treatments, changing the lives of patients like Dr. Gibbon for the better.

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