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The European Union has launched investigations into tech giants Apple, Google, and Meta for potential violations of the EU’s Digital Markets Act, marking the first enforcement actions under the new regulations. The Act, which came into effect on March 7, aims to promote competition in the digital economy and holds designated “gatekeepers” accountable for their actions.

Violations of the Digital Markets Act could result in fines of up to 10% of the companies’ global annual turnover. The focus of the investigations includes Google’s rules on steering in Google Play and self-preferencing on Google Search, Apple’s rules on steering in the App Store and choice screen for Safari users, as well as Meta’s controversial “pay or consent model.”

Both Meta and Apple have stated that they are compliant with the regulations and will continue to work with the Commission during the investigation. Google, on the other hand, has already made significant changes to its services in Europe to adhere to the Digital Markets Act.

In addition to the ongoing investigations, the Commission is also gathering information for potential inquiries into Apple’s new fee structure for alternative app stores and Amazon’s ranking practices on its marketplace. Amazon has stated that they are compliant with the regulations and are committed to meeting regulatory standards in Europe.

These investigations highlight the EU’s efforts to ensure fair competition and prevent anti-competitive practices in the digital market. As the tech giants navigate the complexities of the Digital Markets Act, the outcomes of these investigations could have significant implications for the future of competition in the digital economy. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.

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