Pierce Brosnan pleads guilty to Yellowstone National Park violation, ordered to pay $1500

Hollywood Actor Pierce Brosnan Fined for Violating Rules at Yellowstone National Park

Renowned actor Pierce Brosnan recently made headlines after he entered a guilty plea for walking off the designated path at Yellowstone National Park in November 2023. The actor, best known for his role as James Bond, was fined $500 for the violation and ordered to pay $1,000 to the nonprofit organization Yellowstone Forever.

Brosnan had initially pleaded not guilty to the violations in January, but later took to Instagram to apologize for his actions. The actor acknowledged his mistake in entering a thermal area covered in snow to take a photograph, a move that goes against the park’s guidelines. Yellowstone National Park’s website instructs visitors to always walk on boardwalks and designated trails to protect delicate thermal formations.

The incident occurred while Brosnan was filming the upcoming movie “The Unholy Trinity” in Montana. Despite his iconic role as James Bond in films like “Die Another Day,” the actor has recently ventured into the DC Universe with a role in the film “Black Adam” as Dr. Fate.

Known for his love of the natural world and national parks, Brosnan expressed sincere apologies for his transgression at Yellowstone. The actor’s actions serve as a reminder to all visitors to adhere to park regulations and preserve the natural beauty of these protected areas.

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