Billy Baldwins wife shares cryptic quote amid Sharon Stone feud

Actress Sharon Stone recently made some shocking allegations against producer Robert Evans, claiming that he pressured her to have sex with actor Billy Baldwin during the filming of “Sliver”. In response, Baldwin’s wife, Chynna Phillips, took to Instagram to share a cryptic message.

Phillips posted a quote by pastor Tim Keller about perspectives and included Bible-related hashtags in her post. Stone revealed that Evans encouraged her to sleep with Baldwin to enhance his performance in the movie, but she turned down the request. She also mentioned that she was blamed for errors on set after rejecting the proposition.

This is the first time Stone has named names in connection to the incident, which she detailed in her 2021 memoir. In response to Stone’s comments, Baldwin threatened to expose disturbing and unprofessional stories about her on social media.

Baldwin recounted a meeting with Evans where he allegedly tried to avoid kissing Stone during a sex scene. Stone has not responded to Baldwin’s tweets at this time. The allegations have sparked a heated discussion in the entertainment industry, with fans eagerly awaiting further developments in this ongoing story. Stay tuned to Press Stories for the latest updates on this controversy.

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