Sean Elliott shares his journey with kidney disease

March is National Kidney Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness about kidney disease and the importance of early screening. Former NBA star and broadcaster Sean Elliott is sharing his personal journey with kidney disease to encourage others to prioritize their health.

Elliott was diagnosed with kidney disease early in his basketball career, making him the first NBA player to return to the court after a kidney transplant. He stresses the significance of early screening, as many individuals may not realize they have kidney disease until symptoms appear.

Individuals of color, particularly Black Americans, Latin Americans, and Pacific Islanders, as well as those with diabetes and high blood pressure, are at higher risk for kidney disease. Elliott emphasizes the importance of regular checkups and early detection in preventing complications.

Despite his own challenges with kidney disease, Elliott urges others to prioritize their health and seek medical attention when needed. He also touches on the mental preparation required for upcoming NBA game commentary, highlighting the importance of staying physically and mentally fit.

In conclusion, Elliott reminds readers to stay informed with local breaking news alerts. By sharing his story and advocating for early screening, he is working to make a positive impact during National Kidney Month.

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