Reporting on Measles Outbreak in Chicago: CPS student at Pilsen migrant shelter diagnosed in citys 3rd case; CDC to send response team, CDPH says

A measles outbreak in Chicago has sparked concern among health officials and residents, as a second child living in a Pilsen migrant shelter has been diagnosed with the highly contagious disease. This latest case marks the third instance of measles in the city, with the infected child attending a CPS school.

In response to the outbreak, the CDC will be sending a team to Chicago to assist with the investigation and containment efforts. The infected child is currently in the hospital and in good condition, but an investigation is ongoing to determine who else may have been exposed to the virus while the child was contagious.

Residents of the Pilsen shelter who have recently been vaccinated are being encouraged to quarantine for 21 days to prevent further spread of the disease. Alderman Sigcho-Lopez has also urged for more vaccinations among shelter residents during a recent meeting.

Chicago Public Schools have notified staff and families of the school attended by the infected child, while health officials are on high alert for a potential measles outbreak. Measles is easily spread and is a serious communicable disease, underscoring the importance of proper health screenings and vaccinations.

A case investigation is also underway to identify anyone who may have been exposed to the first patient in the North Side of Chicago. Measles cases have been on the rise due to vaccine hesitancy, prompting the CDC to recommend that children receive two doses of the MMR vaccine for measles prevention.

As the number of measles cases continues to increase, it is crucial for residents to stay vigilant and take necessary precautions to protect themselves and others from this preventable disease.

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