Watch the exploding green devil comet zoom past the Andromeda Galaxy in a stunning livestream this weekend

As the devil comet, known scientifically as Comet 12P/Pons Brooks, hurtles toward the sun in its journey to Earth, astronomers and stargazers alike are eagerly anticipating its close encounter later this year. This green-colored, cryovolcanic comet, measuring 10.5 miles wide, has recently been causing a stir with its occasional eruptions, spewing out a dazzling combination of ice and gas into space that makes it appear much brighter for a few days.

Most recently, in July 2023, Comet 12P erupted after nearly seven decades of dormancy, sporting a lopsided coma that eerily resembled demonic horns. However, this haunting feature has since vanished, leaving in its wake a radiant green glow, attributed to high levels of dicarbon in the comet’s coma and tail.

With its closest approach to Earth scheduled for June 2 following a slingshot maneuver around the sun in late April, Comet 12P is currently visible in the night sky near the Andromeda galaxy. Star enthusiasts can catch a glimpse of this celestial phenomenon in real-time through livestreams courtesy of the Virtual Telescope Project, although a good telescope, camera, or stargazing binoculars are recommended for optimal viewing.

Astrophotographers have already taken advantage of this rare cosmic event, capturing breathtaking images of Comet 12P and Andromeda shining side-by-side in the night sky. Moreover, in a spectacular display in January, the comet passed in front of the Crescent Nebula, a colossal cloud of ionized red gas located a staggering 5,000 light-years away from Earth.

As Comet 12P/Pons Brooks continues its captivating journey through our solar system, astronomers and skywatchers remain captivated by this extraordinary celestial visitor, eagerly awaiting its imminent rendezvous with Earth later this year.

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