Chinas Two Sessions Political Tradition Scrapped as Xi Tightens Control Amid Economic Woes

Thousands of Chinese Delegates Gather in Beijing for Annual Political Event

Beijing, China – The annual political event known as the Two Sessions has kicked off in Beijing, bringing together thousands of Chinese delegates to address the challenges facing the country’s economy. Leaders are set to tackle issues such as the ongoing property crisis, mounting debt, deflation, stock market volatility, and tech friction with the US.

One significant development at the event is the cancellation of a press conference with China’s Premier, raising concerns about transparency in policymaking. This move has sparked skepticism among observers, who are closely watching President Xi Jinping as economic pain and political shakeups continue to unfold.

The Two Sessions provide a crucial platform for the government to outline its strategy for economic, social, and foreign policies. Key issues such as Taiwan, US relations, and tech export controls are expected to be addressed during the event. There is speculation that Xi may adopt a more conciliatory stance towards the US and possibly appoint a new foreign minister.

Despite the challenges facing China’s economy, the government is gearing up to support economic growth. However, experts believe that major stimulus measures are unlikely to be unveiled. The economic growth target for 2024 is expected to be around 5%, signaling a cautious approach to managing the country’s economic challenges.

While these challenges may erode trust in leadership, Xi’s power is unlikely to be significantly impacted due to elite control. As the Two Sessions progress, all eyes will be on China’s leadership as they navigate the complex economic and political landscape both domestically and internationally.

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