NASA unveils plans for the end of the world

NASA recently revealed its plan of action in the event that an asteroid comes hurtling towards Earth. The agency’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office is constantly monitoring the skies for potentially hazardous objects.

The plan involves trying to prevent an asteroid from impacting Earth through deflection missions. NASA successfully carried out a trial of this with its Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) in 2021, where an unmanned spacecraft crashed into a small asteroid.

If a collision cannot be avoided, NASA has a strategy in place to alert the public with the assistance of the International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN). This warning process includes verifying the findings, assessing the level of danger, and notifying the White House and potentially the United Nations in the case of an international threat.

Fortunately, NASA has assured that it would only be too late to save the Earth if an impact was detected only a few months before the asteroid was due to strike. With these protocols in place, NASA is prepared to handle any potential asteroid threats.

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