Rocket Lab launches bold space-junk inspection mission today

Astroscale and Rocket Lab Partner to Launch Space Debris Inspection Mission

Astroscale, a Japanese company dedicated to cleaning up space junk, has teamed up with Rocket Lab for an ambitious mission called ADRAS-J. The satellite is set to launch aboard an Electron rocket from Rocket Lab’s New Zealand site on Feb. 18 at 9:52 a.m. EST.

The goal of ADRAS-J is to test technologies for approaching and monitoring debris objects in orbit, with the aim of eventually removing space junk to ensure the sustainable use of space for future generations. Astroscale’s future plans include a mission called COSMIC in 2026, where they will capture and remove defunct British satellites from orbit.

Once deployed about 373 miles above Earth, ADRAS-J will inspect the upper stage of the Japanese H-2A rocket that launched the GOSAT Earth observation satellite in 2009. This part of the mission, dubbed “On Closer Inspection,” marks Rocket Lab’s 44th overall and the second of 2024.

Rocket Lab is building on previous successes, such as recovering the Electron’s first stage from the sea, showcasing their commitment to innovation and sustainability in space exploration. Stay tuned for updates on this groundbreaking mission as Astroscale and Rocket Lab work together to tackle the growing issue of space debris.

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