Amy Schumer Reacts to Critics Comments on Her Appearance

Amy Schumer, the well-known comedian, recently took to Instagram to respond to commentary about her appearance. In a post on the social media platform, Schumer sarcastically thanked fans for sharing their input on her “puffy” face, explaining that her appearance is due to a health condition.

Schumer revealed that she has endometriosis, a painful auto immune disease that affects many women around the world. Despite the challenges she faces due to her health condition, the comedian advocates for self love and acceptance of one’s physical appearance.

In addition to addressing the commentary about her appearance, Schumer also took the opportunity to promote her new show “Life & Beth” in the post. This is not the first time Schumer has been transparent about her health, as she often shares updates on her endometriosis on social media.

It is known that Schumer previously had her uterus and appendix removed due to her endometriosis, and she continues to be an advocate for female health issues. In her Instagram post, Schumer encouraged fans to do their own research on female health and to love the skin they’re in.

As fans show their support for Schumer and her message of self love and acceptance, the comedian remains strong in her advocacy for female health issues and promoting a positive body image.

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