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Cities: Skylines II, the highly anticipated sequel developed by Colossal Order, has received mixed reviews from its dedicated community. Known for its close relationship with players, the developer’s strong engagement with the community was a key factor in the success of the original game. However, the sequel, which was released in October 2023, has faced criticism and backlash from players due to various issues.

One of the major concerns raised by players is the absence of promised features and the presence of bugs within the game. Prior to its release, Colossal Order partnered with content creators who showcased specific features of Cities: Skylines II in YouTube videos. Despite these collaborations, tensions continued to rise after the game’s launch, with players expressing their frustrations through social media and forums.

Colossal Order has acknowledged the negative feedback but believes that it has reached toxic levels. The developers have noted personal attacks on themselves and other players, highlighting the need for more constructive criticism. However, prominent content creator City Planner Plays, among other community members, have criticized the game for its exclusivity to PC, technical issues, lack of official mod support, and a perceived lack of accountability on the part of Colossal Order.

In an effort to address these concerns, Colossal Order has announced plans to add an official pipeline for mods and expand the game over the next 10 years. The developers have been regularly releasing updates to improve the game, but changing the perception of Cities: Skylines II among players will require time and potential gestures from the developer.

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The disappointment expressed by the community primarily stems from the game not running well or being unplayable for some players. As a result, players are hoping for a fully fixed game and accountability from Colossal Order. With the developer’s commitment to addressing these issues, there is still a chance for Cities: Skylines II to win back the trust and satisfaction of its passionate community.

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