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Title: “Convicted Murderer Gypsy Rose Blanchard Gains Massive Social Media Following After Prison Release”

Gypsy Rose Blanchard, infamous for her involvement in the murder of her mother, has become an internet sensation after her release from prison earlier this year. Despite the gravity of her crime, Blanchard has garnered a massive following on Instagram and TikTok, with 5.9 million and 6.1 million followers respectively.

Blanchard, who served eight years for her crime, captured the attention of social media users through her posts. Initially created to promote an upcoming Lifetime docuseries about her life, her first selfie of freedom gained the most attention. Alongside this, she shared photos with her new husband, Ryan Scott Anderson, whom she married while behind bars.

Eagerly awaited by her fans, Blanchard’s release has sparked excitement among those interested in observing her next steps as a free woman. Despite doubts and criticisms surrounding her, Blanchard is viewed by her followers as a redemption story and an unlikely folk hero.

Embracing the drama surrounding her real-life story, Blanchard’s social media presence is characterized by her sporting long nails and sharing inspirational quotes. She claims that her mother, who deceived medical professionals into believing Blanchard was seriously ill, manipulated and forced her to undergo unnecessary medical procedures.

Utilizing her newfound influence, Blanchard hopes to bring about positive change and raise awareness about Munchausen syndrome by proxy, the condition her mother allegedly suffered from. However, opinions regarding Blanchard’s attention are divided. Some argue that the spotlight exploits her, while others continue to support her and wish her peace and privacy.

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Blanchard’s husband, Ryan Scott Anderson, is cautious about the attention she receives and aims to provide her with a normal, private life. Despite facing online backlash, Blanchard defends him against haters and openly expresses her happiness in their relationship.

Only time will tell what lies ahead for Gypsy Rose Blanchard, as she navigates life after prison and continues to captivate the online world with her unique story.

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