Matthew Perry Fondly Recalled by Thomas Lennon, Co-Star on Odd Couple: A Constant Pursuit of Improvement

Title: Thomas Lennon Reflects on Working with Matthew Perry on “The Odd Couple” Remake

Matthew Perry’s co-star from the CBS remake of “The Odd Couple,” Thomas Lennon, recently opened up about his experience working alongside the beloved actor. The show, which aired from 2015 to 2017, was a three-season stint that Perry not only starred in but also developed and executive produced.

Lennon played the role of Felix Unger, the neat freak roommate of Perry’s character, Oscar Madison. The series was a modern take on the Neil Simon play and the 1970s TV sitcom, captivating audiences with its fresh approach and talented cast.

This wasn’t the first time Lennon and Perry had collaborated, having previously worked together on the 2009 film “17 Again.” Recalling their time together, Lennon fondly describes Perry as someone with enormous emotions, likening him to a “comedy sword-swallower.” Perry wore his pain on his sleeve, which lent a depth to his performances, making him an exceptional actor.

Despite the challenges Perry faced, he constantly strived to improve and bring laughter to others. Lennon reminisces about Perry’s relentless efforts to connect with people, as he would frequently engage in self-deprecating jokes, all while battling his own personal demons. Perry’s desire to make people laugh was evident, even if it meant enduring his own pain.

Lennon reflects on Perry’s ability to lift the spirits of those around him, his constant worries, and the longing to defy solitude. Perry’s determination to bring joy to audiences was rooted in his genuine desire to create strong connections with others.

Overall, Thomas Lennon offers a heartfelt tribute to his time working with Matthew Perry, shedding light on the actor’s vulnerabilities, talent, and unwavering dedication to his craft. Despite his inner struggles, Perry managed to find solace in laughter, always striving to make others smile. His collaboration with Lennon on “The Odd Couple” showcased their incredible on-screen chemistry, leaving a lasting impression on fans.

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