Reimagining Polands Boogeyman: A Photographers Collaboration with Local Teenagers

Title: “Polish Children’s Fears and Belonging Explored in Collaborative Project: Bebok”

In a small town called Września in Poland, photographer Karolina Jonderko has partnered with local teenagers to unveil a captivating project called Bebok. This initiative seeks to delve into the depths of fear, belonging, and transitioning from childhood to adulthood through a contemporary story revolving around a group of friends.

Polish children are no strangers to the mysterious creature known as Bebok, both feared and captivating. With the aim of addressing and unraveling these sentiments, Jonderko combines documentary and fictionalized scenes in her photographs, blurring the lines between reality and imagination. Bebok, portrayed as a secretive observer, quietly watches the lives of these young individuals unfold, leaving viewers questioning whether the creature physically exists in their world or is merely a figment of their imagination.

Through her background as a documentary photographer in Poland, Jonderko brings a unique and profound perspective to the project. By exploring the anxieties and fears often experienced during adolescence, the photographer aims to help viewers tame their own anxieties, promoting acceptance and a sense of belonging.

The collaboration with local teenagers adds an authentic and personal touch to the project. By working closely with the youth of Września, the photographs and accompanying book encourage readers to reflect upon their own fears and personal stories. The mutual understanding that no one is alone in their experiences is a reassurance viewers can find within this project.

Bebok aims to serve as a reminder that fear is a universal emotion and that every individual’s journey through life is unique yet interconnected. The project invites viewers to embrace their fears, find solace in acceptance, and discover a sense of belonging as they navigate their own path toward adulthood.

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In the end, Bebok offers much more than just captivating visuals – it provides a platform for open dialogue, communion, and growth. By referencing the fears and experiences of Polish children, the project unites audiences in their shared experiences and allows them to find comfort in their collective fears and dreams.

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