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Title: Controversy Surrounds Gaza Hospital Blast as Military Source Challenges Official Death Toll

Date: October 18, 2022

In a surprising twist to the tragic incident that took place at the al-Ahli hospital in central Gaza yesterday, a European military source has cast doubt on the initial reports attributing the explosion to an Israeli air strike. The source instead suggests that the blast may have been caused by a misfired rocket launched by a Palestinian faction.

According to Hamas officials, the blast claimed the lives of 471 individuals, making it one of the deadliest incidents in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However, the military source, whose identity has been kept confidential, claims that the death toll might be lower than reported.

Satellite images of the impact zone reveal a relatively small blast area with minimal structural damage to the hospital buildings. The focal point of the explosion appears to be a 30-cm-deep hole, indicating the use of a rocket carrying approximately 5 kg of explosives. This evidence challenges the narrative of a large-scale Israeli airstrike and instead points towards a misfired Palestinian rocket, potentially linked to the factional warfare within Gaza.

The military source has ruled out several possible scenarios, including an air-to-ground strike by an Israeli fighter jet or an intercepted Palestinian rocket. In addition, the source states that mishandling of explosives and a car bomb can also be eliminated as potential causes, leaving a misfired rocket as the most probable explanation.

Moreover, the military source raises concerns regarding the accuracy of the death toll announced by the Gazan Ministry of Health. The lack of significant human remains at the blast site raises doubts about the reported number of casualties. This discrepancy further fuels the controversy surrounding the incident, casting doubt on the initial narratives put forth by both Hamas and the Israeli government.

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The escalating conflict between Hamas and the Israeli government has further intensified in light of this mysterious incident. Both sides point fingers at each other for the deadly explosion. However, the evidence presented by the European military source challenges the previously held beliefs and forces us to reevaluate the circumstances surrounding the al-Ahli hospital blast.

As investigations continue and more details come to light, it remains crucial to distinguish facts from speculation. Press Stories will provide updates on this ongoing situation, ensuring the delivery of accurate and unbiased information to our readers.

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