Press Stories: What to Expect from Amazon Prime Big Deal Days in October

Amazon has recently announced that it will be hosting its annual Prime Day event, but with a twist. This year, the event will be called “Prime Big Deal Days” and will take place on October 10 and 11. Similar to its predecessor, Prime Big Deal Days will require a Prime subscription to access all the exclusive deals. However, non-subscribers need not worry as there will still be plenty of sales available to all shoppers on Amazon.

The event is expected to feature significant discounts on various Amazon gadgets, including popular items like Echo speakers and Kindle e-readers. Bigger retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and Target are also expected to join in on the fun by offering their own competing Prime Day sales. This means that shoppers will have plenty of options to choose from and potentially save big on their favorite tech products.

For those who are interested in tracking the best tech deals, Engadget will be covering the event and highlighting all the top offers. From headphones to laptops and gaming accessories, Engadget plans to provide a comprehensive guide for shoppers looking to score the best bargains.

It’s worth noting that the event is expected to have both 48-hour deals and day-specific offers. This means that shoppers should be prepared to act quickly if they come across an item they want at a discounted price. Additionally, lightning deals, which are time-limited offers, may also be available. Shoppers are advised to grab these offers immediately if they catch their interest.

To ensure a successful shopping experience during Prime Big Deal Days, Engadget recommends that shoppers make a list of the items they want beforehand. It’s also wise to use a price tracker tool to monitor prices and receive alerts for discounted items.

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For those who may prefer not to shop on Amazon, Engadget suggests checking out other retailers as they may have competing sales with matching prices. Engadget promises to provide comprehensive coverage of the October Prime Day event, featuring the best tech sales and even highlighting “anti-Prime Day” deals from other retailers.

So mark your calendars and get ready for some incredible deals! Prime Big Deal Days is just around the corner, and Engadget is here to help you navigate through the best offers and make the most out of this shopping extravaganza.

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