In Spain, the mercury can exceed 44 ºC in the Cordoba region

The shade is priceless Spain Where does the thermometer reach? “Abnormally” high levels For the season, as per National Meteorological Organization (NMED) norms. “Even though we are already in the hottest period of the year, there will be very high, unusual temperatures in Spain,” Amet said on his Twitter account, with mercury exceeding 44 ºC in the Cordoba region of Andalusia (South), breaking new temperature records even locally.

10 to 15 degrees Celsius above normal

These “abnormally high” temperatures on Monday “will be 5 to 10°C above average in the interior of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands”. The situation will worsen on Tuesday as the mercury will be “10 to 15°C” above normal at some places.

ATTENTION: A fire on the Spanish island of La Palma, in the Canary Islands off the African coast, broke out on Saturday morning and subsided on Sunday due to falling temperatures. The interior ministry said on Monday that its evolution was “positive” despite hundreds of firefighters still battling it.

The severe heat episode is expected to last until Wednesday and temperatures are expected to drop from Thursday. Identity Global warmingHarvest has already begun in some parts of Andalusia, two weeks ahead of schedule.

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