Driving license on your smartphone from 2024

Your smartphone is about to take on a new role in depositing your driver’s license. No need to frantically rummage through your wallet during a roadside test, your trusty tech companion will come to your rescue.

Updated on July 17, 2023:

Govt Just announced During a press conference on road safety on July 17, 2023, the Ministry of Home Affairs plans to expand the use of dematerialized driving licenses nationally by 2024. will still be in effect, but alongside the dematerialized version.

Original article of May 17, 2023:

It has been revealed that Parisian, our smartphones are about to play a new role: the guardian of your driver’s license. In fact, a digital version of the driving license, conveniently located in the app, will soon see the light of day. So, instead of frantically rummaging through your wallet, you can show off your credentials by brandishing your smartphone during a roadside test.

This new generation permit can be consulted without the need for an internet connection (practical for white areas) and also serves as a proof of online identity. It does not change our physical documents, It is a certified true copy of an administrative document.

How does it work?

Digital driving license available In the “Portfolio” tab of the France ID app (iOS and Android).National Agency for Secure Documents (ANTS) was created. Currently in beta version and tested in some sectors, it is not yet available in stores, it already provides a digital duplicate of the National Electronic Identity Card (CNIe). This “e-Driver’s License” uses a plastic card format in the form of a credit card that has been in place since 2013.

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The Promise of France Identity // Source: France Identity

Don’t worry, you can get the dematerialized version even with your old pink license. However, you must have already registered the digital CNIe clone in the application.

To import your license into the app, you have two options. The first consists of retrieving your Restricted Information Report (RIR) on the Télépoints teleservice site using your license number. Basically, you scan a QR code and the magic of technology, your license is on your phone.

The second, even simpler method ” Import my driving licence » By remotely querying the road safety representative database. The permit is downloaded and available offline.

What about roadside tests?

During the traffic test, all you have to do is open the application and play technophile by granting your “driving rights”, accessible even in the depths of the countryside without any network. Law enforcement agencies that aren’t stuck in the Stone Age have NEO smartphones equipped with an NFC chip reader. They can check the validity of your license in the blink of an eye and make sure you are not a dangerous criminal.

For your boss? For rent?

In general, everything is planned. You can amend the certificate attesting your driving ability at the same time. You can create this document, specify its recipient (tenant, employer, etc.) and receive an official document ready to be sent via email or messaging app like WhatsApp. However, if you are going on a long trip, it is important to have at least a paper version of your driver’s license, preferably an international version.

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When is it scheduled?

Generalization of this application is planned In early 2024A few weeks after receiving the application France identity to a wider audience.

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