Mako Medical Laboratories CEO Chad Price: ‘We Want To Support Those Who Need It Most’

Mako Medical Laboratories, a North Carolina-based medical testing company, recently donated $10,000 to the Vance County Public School Foundation. This funding is part of Mako’s ongoing commitment to supporting local communities and organizations.

“When we started the company, we were clear on how we wanted to change the sector. We were also clear on the idea that we wanted to support those who need it the most,” wrote Mako Medical CEO Chad Price in an op-ed.

“Giving back is a core belief that we hold close to each of our hearts. For that reason, we support a variety of local causes and initiatives. The overriding ethos here is that we can make a difference to the lives of the people around us and in the wider community.”

According to its website, “The Vance County Public School Foundation supports our local public schools and encourages the successful development of our younger generation by promoting quality education through community support in Vance County Schools.”

Donations go to grants for media centers, arts programs, student and teacher recognition, and more.

The Vance County Public School Foundation supports educational programs that go beyond what the school district can provide. These programs can include cultural enrichment, technology, and other areas. By supporting these programs, the foundation helps to enrich the education of students in the community.

The educational foundation also offers scholarships to graduating seniors who plan to attend college or vocational school. These scholarships help to offset the cost of higher education, making it more accessible to students in the community.

“We are so grateful for the financial support and the confidence that Mako has in the work we are doing in Vance County Schools,” said superintendent Cindy Bennett, Ph.D. “Every dollar donated will support the experiences and engaging opportunities our teachers will design and share with our students. Mako has again demonstrated their amazing support for this community.”

Why Supporting the Vance County Public School Foundation Is Vital

For Chad Price, supporting the Vance County Public School Foundation is about investing in the future of the community. “Business is all about creating strong networks — that is with other entrepreneurs and community leaders,” wrote Price.

“I strongly believe that there is no better way to enact this than to look at the ways that you can give back to the people who need it in your region. At Mako Medical Laboratories, we’re always looking for sponsorship and donation opportunities.”

Chad Price says community building is built into Mako Medical Laboratories’ very DNA.

“We actively want to make a difference in the greater community,” he declared. “That mission has been at the core of everything that we do. Whether that means hiring veterans among our ranks or looking for ways to donate to the causes in the region, there are always ways in which we can support those around us. We have never — and will never —- make a donation with the sole purpose of gaining more as a business. It’s not what we’re about.”

And that’s why Mako and Price do their due diligence when it comes to lending a helping hand. “Whenever we donate to a cause, we ensure that we understand where the funds are going. Working and collaborating with local initiatives makes that relatively straightforward. If we take the example of the Vance County Public School Foundation, it’s clear to see how this system works. We can see how the foundation uses the funding to immediately improve the learning experiences of local students. There’s no question about whether that cash influx will be used to support those who need the help.”

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