How Technology Has Changed Education: Pros and Cons


Technology is a part of our daily lives. We learn to enjoy the benefits it provides, incorporate it into our daily lives, and, in general, become a tool rather than a substitute for people. However, there is one area where technology has begun to make an impact – education – which raises some obvious concerns in addition to noticeable enthusiasm.

As technology begins to make its presence felt more and more, natural questions about how the educational process will unfold arise. Can technology have a negative impact by shifting the focus away from learning and toward the capabilities of the tools used? Has cheating been made easier?

Each of these questions is valid, which is why we will go over the benefits and drawbacks of technology in school.

The Big Pros of Technology in Education

The introduction of automation and computers into classrooms has some advantages that cannot be overlooked. Several sites and apps – some based on AI and others combining AI and human intervention – have already begun to make notable changes.

The most notable thing is the emergence of special services. PapersOwl offers custom writing services, which can be actually really helpful for a lot of students. In essence, handles the creation process of academic papers and application essays. So, the students who aren’t particularly drawn to this sector can devote more time to studies and activities that interest them.

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It’s also important to note that concerns about the impact of this technological evolution were also seen in other areas over time, such as the labor field.

Accordingly, the emergence of concerns focused on this evolution is not a novelty, but rather a redirection to a new field. Still, when it comes to teaching, there are even more factors to weigh, alongside an objective analysis of the genuine influence.

The information is updated and in tune with present times

We all know that the information in handbooks can often be outdated. Numerous books in traditional school curricula have not been updated in a long time and, therefore, are out of date.

The use of a computer with an internet connection will eliminate this outdated material from the equation. After all, an essential aspect of the online environment is the speed with which the information is updated. In addition, the multitude of sources allows the observation of different opinions and the attention does not remain exclusively on the opinion provided by a certain author.

Easy access to student performance metrics

Collecting and easily accessing the metrics regarding student performance is, without a doubt, a clear advantage of tech and automation. Essentially, this helps teachers identify the subjects and skills that particular students excel in and find the most difficulty in.

Other benefits of these data include:

  • A better understanding of students’ cognitive abilities;
  • Focusing efforts on the problematic area;
  • The ability to structure the subject by the needs of the students;
  • Adapting learning strategies according to students’ needs.

Improved participation and engagement

According to a study published by the U.S. Department of Education, the introduction of a computer for every student can have a positive impact on attendance and engagement in class. The researchers found certain differences between a class where automation and computers are used to facilitate learning and one where traditional teaching methods are preferred.

In the first months of the study, students from both groups had a comparative presence in classes. Still, in the last months, the presence was higher in the case of students from classes with electronic devices.

Cost-effective alternative to traditional materials

Books are not exactly cheap, and when you need at least one book for each area of study, the costs can become alarmingly high. Tech evolution comes and changes this paradigm, in the context where the materials available in digital format are either free or have much lower costs.

Also, this environment brings up new opportunities, such as plagiarism-detecting systems like the one provided by the research paper writing service Aside from enabling students to perform ongoing self-checks, these tools can also make a teacher’s job easier.

The Undeniable Cons of Technology in Education

It is necessary to also concentrate on the drawbacks of tech because school plays such a significant role in a person’s growth. Regardless of how optimistic we are in general, to have a more realistic picture, it is essential to weigh the disadvantages as well.

It can be distracting

The most familiar space in the online universe consists of social media. Millions of people use apps like this every day, ranging from elementary school children to adults who have reached retirement age.

According to a Statista analysis that examines the development of time spent on social platforms from 2012 to the present, the amount of time spent on these sites has continued to increase. Thus, in 2022, the time spent on social platforms increased to 147 minutes per day, from an average of 145 minutes in 2021.

Social interaction is reduced

Humans are also the total of their social interactions. The continual use of tech and its introduction even during study hours might also have an impact on student’s motivation to connect with their colleagues.

It can affect creativity

In an age dominated by artificial intelligence, some are concerned about the development of young pupils’ creativity. In essence, given the new technologies available, many may believe that it is pointless to think of arguments when ChatGPT can do it.

The same is true in the arts, where tools for creating digital images from scratch are available. You can find digital tools for blogging, as well as paper writing services, but the goal is to learn where the ethics end.

Wrapping Up

The mix between study and tech can be viewed as a two-edged sword. On the one hand, there are evident benefits that cannot be overlooked and that can considerably improve the educational process. On the other hand, it has several disadvantages that can interfere with the harmonious growth of a future adult.

Yet, it is vital to realize that every innovation has pros and cons, and it is fundamental to understand how to use the instruments at our disposal to our advantage. When it comes to technology, the key is to mitigate the drawbacks through a sequence of acts. For example, the presence of oral presentations and team projects might fight a decrease in student contact.

Moreover, the introduction of anything new does not imply the abolition of aspects, elements, or acts that have proven valuable over time.

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