Batters To Keep an Eye for in the 2023 MLB Season

Are you ready to follow one of the most exciting MLB seasons ever? 2023 is set to be a heated year of game-winning home runs, dramatic comebacks, and shock trades! With major players ageing out or shifting team allegiance, there will be plenty of unknowns – but also loads of potential with young talent sprouting up from all corners.

As baseball fans gear up for this season that’s sure to be filled with surprises and intense competition, what exactly should we expect, what new crop of batters should we look forward to seeing emerge as the sport’s next superstars?

Here are five batters you should have your eye on in the 2023 MLB season – an inspiring crew poised to make their mark on America’s favorite pastime.

Bryan De La Cruz

Bryan De La Cruz, the Miami Marlins outfielder, is making a name for himself as one of the 2023 MLB season’s most promising prospects. With his impressive batting average of 1.137 and 44% sweet spot rate – the best in all of baseball – De La Cruz has quickly shown that he will be a force to be reckoned with in American stadiums. He’s also known for his agility on defense and his ability to steal bases when needed.

Not content to stay comfortable, De La Cruz strives to raise the bar even higher. Off the field, he works diligently to hone his skills through rigorous practice drills. His dedication and passion are evident in every game he plays, inspiring both teammates and rivals alike.

As De La Cruz continues to rise in the ranks this season, it’s clear that this young batter is destined for stardom.

Nolan Gorman

Nolan Gorman, the second baseman for the Cardinals, is also making a name for himself in the 2023 MLB season. His versatile approach to every game has earned him a reputation as one of this season’s most reliable batters. With an impressive 1.113 batting average and a 14.4% barrel rate in 2022 – Gorman is demonstrating that he can thrive under pressure.

Gorman’s skill extends beyond the plate; he also commands attention on defense with his lightning-fast reflexes and perfect command of angles. He regularly makes difficult plays look easy, earning praise from both coaches and fans alike. Off the field, Gorman dedicates himself to fine-tuning his technique through vigorous practice drills and training sessions. This level of commitment speaks volumes about his passion for the sport.

Seiya Suzuki

Seiya Suzuki, the Cubs outfielder, has been making waves in the MLB this 2023 season. His impressive 155 wRC+ over the season’s final seven weeks speaks volumes about his ability to perform under pressure. Before this, he had posted a .229/.283/.362 slash line and had seen his barrel rate plummet to 6.3%.

However, since then, he’s seen a dramatic improvement in his stats and is quickly becoming one of the most exciting players to watch. Suzuki is known for his extraordinary speed on defense and ability to drive runs home with his bat. He has an uncanny knack for knowing when to swing at pitches and when to wait out a better one; this educated approach has earned him the respect of both coaches and fans alike.

With a determined attitude and diligent work ethic, Suzuki strives to reach higher heights season after season – raising the bar for young talent around the league.

Andrew Vaughn

Andrew Vaughn, the White Sox first baseman, is certainly one to watch in the 2023 MLB season. He’s making a name for himself with his impressive stats and continuously progressing skills. In 2022, Vaughn posted 17 home runs and a 111 OPS+, numbers which would have been fine if unspectacular if not for the fact that he made a huge jump in his hard-hit rate and sweet-spot contact rate per plate appearance – ending with a total of 17.3% of both.

This increased power can also be seen on defense; Vaughn has worked hard to strengthen his arm and speed up his reflexes, resulting in tighter throws and quicker reactions on the field. He is also known for being able to take extra bases when needed, showing off the agility he has built over time through rigorous practice drills.

Apart from his physical prowess, Vaughn also stands out for his coolness under pressure. When faced with challenging scenarios or difficult pitches, he displays astute decision-making abilities as well as exemplary patience while at bat. All this makes him an admirable player who teammates look up to and rivals admire.

Daulton Varsho

Daulton Varsho, the Blue Jays outfielder, has become one of the most exciting players in the 2023 MLB season. With an impressive 11 home runs over the final 38 games of the season, Varsho is nothing short of outstanding.

Off the field, Varsho works hard to perfect his technique through rigorous practice drills and training sessions. He has also demonstrated his commitment to excellence by joining forces with some of baseball’s brightest stars as a player. Through these collaborations, he has continued on his path toward stardom – inspiring other young athletes along the way.


The 2023 MLB season has seen several up-and-coming stars emerge, including Ryan Gorman, Seiya Suzuki, Andrew Vaughn, and Daulton Varsho. Each of these players has the skills and the determination to take their game to new heights. With unwavering dedication, they will continue to be a force in Major League Baseball for years to come.

In the meantime, fans can bet on MLB games and enjoy the show that these players put on. Who knows what heights they’ll reach in the future? Anything is possible!

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