Myths and realities about Mykonos

News outlets and information websites filled us once again with news about the Ιsland of the Winds, Mykonos. From the new arrivals in the Mykonos Hotels category to images of scandalous happenings, most references to the popular destination tend to be negative and focus on issues such as overcrowding, crime, and scandals. This leads people to believe that Mykonos is no longer worth visiting.

However, this is not entirely accurate. While it is true that the island is expensive and crowded during peak season, that is July, August and September, there are also many positive aspects to consider. Some people might have a less enjoyable experience in these conditions, but it is important to not rely solely on negative portrayals and to look at the situation with a more nuanced perspective.

A walk on the beach is only for the super rich

Locals and frequent visitors are aware of that. But Mykonos has several great beaches for all types of people. On many of the organised beaches, you can comfortably sit on the sand with your towel and enjoy the sea, regardless of whether you spend 500 euros or not. While the experience may vary depending on the beach, one can have a fantastic time with the proper equipment and supplies without having to dig deep into their pockets. Unless of course they lead a jet-setter lifestyle.

Eating cheaply and well on Mykonos is impossible

Criticism of the island’s focus on luxury has been rampant, with reports of high-priced restaurants, poor service, unhappy tourists, and impolite employees. Of course, this can happen, but this does not hold true for all establishments. It is unfair that an entire industry should be attacked because of the bad behaviour of a few.

The truth is quite different. In Mykonos, some of the best entrepreneurs in the world operate and thrive as they know how to keep their customers satisfied. While a large portion of dining options on the island are indeed expensive, especially for most of us locals, if you look carefully, you will find several great-value restaurants.

These gems are not located in the heart of Mykonos town, but closer to the center of the island (especially in Ano Mera) and at some beaches that are not very high on the list of party destinations. If you ask the locals or frequent visitors, they will likely have some excellent value-for-money recommendations for you.

Transportation only by Hummers and limousines

The misconception that Mykonos is only accessible by Hummer and limousines is far from reality. Despite the presence of black vans and limousines, visitors to the island are often surprised to see crowds of people waiting for the bus at the entrance of Chora. Transportation options on the island include buses, taxis, bicycles, and even skates. During peak months of July and August, finding a rental car or taxi can be challenging. The reality is that people need to get about, so there are transportation options to suit different tastes and budgets. However, it’s advisable to plan ahead and determine how you will get around, as the taxis and buses on the island are becoming known for similar issues as the restaurants.

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