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Why There Is So Much Money To Make In Soccer


Being the most popular sport in the world is the main reason why there is so much money involved in soccer. This also means that soccer is a great opportunity to make money as well, but it’s a bit more difficult than some other sports because a lot of eyes are on the clubs. It’s one of the most regulated sports in the world just because there was a lot of corruption in the past and even in recent years.

A huge part of soccer is gambling, where billions of dollars are spent each month around the world. After the World Cup, there are Premier League predictions today that you might use to your advantage. It’s definitely one of the ways people are looking to make some money from soccer, but it takes a lot of knowledge about the sport to make a good prediction.

Most Popular Game

When there are billions of people watch games each month, it means that every advertisement company is willing to collaborate with this market. The more viewers, the more money, which is also the reason why soccer players are paid much more than NBA or NFL players. The numbers are much bigger. For example, Kylian Mbappe will be earning $1 million per week in the French club PSG.

Besides having the most paid athletes in the world, there are over 250 million people training in the sport. Basketball is in second place because it’s played in every country around the world, but it isn’t the second most watched. That would be cricket with around 2.5 billion fans, while soccer has 3.5 billion.

How To Make Money?

If you want to get some of that huge amount, you could either get a job in the industry or do something related to soccer. Owning a club is very expensive, even if you start from the lower leagues unless you do it in a third-world country where the fees are very low. But, it can be more beneficial if you are a fan to get a job for the club you like.

There are a few alternatives, like betting on sports which can be very fun and entertaining until you start losing. Most people will do it out of fun, but with proper research, you can significantly increase your chances of winning. Do your research about different strategies that you can do when it comes to soccer. There are probably a few that could work for anyone, but it depends on your budget.

Doing something on the side is probably the best option if you already have a job. One of the best things is to start your own website where you will share news, predictions, and everything that an average soccer fan likes. The problem can be to get ranked, but if your predictions are great, that will happen in no time.

Rich Owners

When you look at some of the top clubs in the world, you will find out that the first top 5 are worth billions of dollars. Most of them are English clubs owned by big oil giants, but they are also very profitable compared to other sports. A great example is when Mbappe joined PSG for $200 million, and the club was able to earn money back from shirts in a couple of weeks.

Governments Like It

If you thought that governments are not involved in sports, you would be mistaken because they love when there’s a major tournament in their country. World Cup is the biggest sport even in the world besides the Olympic Games, but the viewership is very close. Qatar was a great example where the organizers didn’t have a budget to organize the cup.

The reason we say they didn’t have a budget is that the budget was actually unlimited. They said that any amount can be spent just to make it perfect, considering that many things have changed compared to the last cup.

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